Ignite 2019: The Philippines’ Premier Innovation Conference

Innovating Asia: Shaping The World

June 24 & 25, 2019 | Makati Shangri-La

Business Matching

The largest innovation-centric Business Matching event in the country that brings together Startups, Investors and Corporations in the spirit of collaboration.

If you are a startup that is seeking investment, an investor that is looking for good deals, or a corporation that is looking for innovation or collaboration partners, Ignite 2019’s MATCH session is something that you shouldn’t miss. Last year, IGNITE was able to successfully curate and facilitate over 400 meetings in 5 hours between all 3 stakeholders that brought about multiple positive partnerships.

This year we want to make that even bigger by inviting participants from all over Asia.

With quality attendees from all three groups, you are sure to have engaging conversations with individuals and organisations that your business needs.

Join MATCH @ IGNITE 2019 today and see how we can help your business find the right MATCH.

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