Pitch Competition

The application will gather startups from Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and different provinces all over the Philippines. All pre-selected startups will be vetted by trusted members of the community and active investors.

Only 10 startups will be given the chance to pitch their ideas on stage in front of a large crowd and distinguished local and international investors. The winner will win an equity free cash prize and possibility of investment.

Who can Join

  • The startup should have a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) during the competition.
  • There should be at least 1 full time founder
  • The founder should be Filipino or at least 1 co-founder is Filipino. If founder is not Filipino at least the core team is mostly Filipino.
  • The external funding received should not be more than 500K USD
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Meet the Judges

Arnaud bonzom

Arnaud Bonzom


Arnaud is the Director of Corporate Innovation at 500 Startups. His recent report on How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Start­up Revolution? details the bullish efforts by Multinational Corporations to engage start­ups and leverage on their capabilities.
Prior to 500 Startups, Arnaud was part of INSEAD, where he was responsible for facilitating interactions between MBA students/alumni and the Entrepreneurship ecosystem. Arnaud is also working on his spare time to develop some tools for the startup ecosystem: Asia Funding / M&A Newsletter and Singapore Startup Ecosystem & Entrepreneur Toolbox.

Yasuhiro seo

Yasuhiro Seo

Yasuhiro Seo majored in journalism at San Francisco State University, working as a video journalist in California after graduation before joining IMJ in 2007. At IMJ he worked for top Japanese manufacturers on projects including branding, creative direction, and UX design. At IMJ Investment Partners he works on deal sourcing and provides strategic support to portfolio companies with a focus on the Southeast Asia region.

Naohiko hatae

Naohiko Hatae

Vice President, Cyber Agent Ventures

Nao joined CyberAgent as a new graduate in 2006. His carrer started in Internet advertising agency. He was soon promoted and was in charge of Marketing Division and SEM Division. In 2011 he started a new C2C business from scratch. He was also in charge of the Ameba Community Division. The C2C business became an subsidary and became a Director. He joined CyberAgent Ventures in 2014. NAO is a graduate of Keio University, department of law.

Jojo flores

Jojo Flores

Co-founder & VP Operations, Plug & Play Tech Center

Jojo is currently involved in the overall strategic planning and prioritizing of Plug and Play. Jojo’s immediate focus is on building strategic alliances in the Philippines and other reigns of South East Asia. He is also co-founder of Launch Garage, which is tech innovation hub in Manila that provides an venue for open collaboration.

Alex alabiso

Alex Alabiso

Director in Corporate Innovation, Kickstart Ventures Inc.

Alex is in-charge of driving market performance and strengthening business and tech architecture of Kickstart-funded startups.He has deep experience in tech: 18 years in Web Development, IT and Infrastructure; 10 years management experience in technology; and an expert in enterprise application architecture, development and tech processes. But he’s not just a geek! Alex is an old-hat in bridging the gap between geeks and suits as well as applying tech to real-world business problems. He’s no stranger to developing policies and procedure to streamline existing practices from across multiple industries: banking and finance, medical technology, digital print and publishing, social networking/media, and energy/power generation. Alex is passionate about helping startups and is an active member of PHP User Group Philippines (PHPUG-PH), R Users Group Philippines, and AWS User Group Philippines.

Retno dewati

Retno Dewati

SEA Regional Manager, Fenox Venture Capital

Retno Dewati is SEA Regional Manager at Fenox Venture Capital, a global venture capital firm headquartered in Silicon Valley with $1.5 Billion AUM and 90+ investments across the world. She is responsible to lead deal sourcing and investment activities as well as business development for Fenox SEA office. Retno has deeper insight in startups industry and strong analysis in investment decision. She has reviewed more than 500 startups over a year and manage 25+ portfolio companies in SEA. Retno is also the founding member of GnB Accelerator - a joint venture accelerator program between Fenox VC and Infocom Corporation Japan. At GnB Accelerator, Retno is responsible in selecting startups, manage the investment and being in-house mentor.

The Investors